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Vehicle Maintenance Schedules

Purchasing a new or used vehicle is an exciting time, and those first few weeks and months behind the wheel are a feeling unlike any other. To ensure that excitement remains, every vehicle has a routine maintenance schedule which keeps your car running in tip-top shape. During a routine maintenance visit, Devils Lake Chrysler Center’s knowledgeable technicians will walk through the key points on your vehicle to ensure that everything is working properly and to its best ability.

After the service is completed, our technicians will recommend areas in need of attention, identify...
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Is Buying Used the Right Choice for You?

Are you deciding between buying a new or used car? Both choices are excellent ones, but one might fit better into your life at the moment. If you are having trouble deciding, then our team at Devils Lake Chrysler Center is determined to see if a used car is for you.

Are you interested in saving money? A used car often costs much less than a new one. If having the newest model car is not as important to you, then you could save thousands of dollars getting a previously owned car instead.

Are you interested in a car that…

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Service your vehicle before fun, fall road trips

Summer's end is always a tough thing to process. As the kids head back to school and we transition into fall weather, we're often faced with a little more time to take care of things we've been neglecting. Here at Devil's Lake Chrysler Center we suggest scheduling a service appointment.


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Our team of service technicians will always help you out from start to finish. Our goal is to ensure you're driving a vehicle that's safe and ready to o

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Get Ready for Cooler Weather with Maintenance for Your Car

The cooler weather is on its way here in Devils Lake, ND, and your vehicle’s maintenance is imperative to keep it running efficiently and safely. If you aren’t sure about a maintenance schedule that is right for your car, take a look at the owner’s manual that accompanies your vehicle and see which services get recommended. It can also give you an idea of when you need to get the services completed...

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Three Reasons Regularly Washing Your Car is a Big Deal

Rain does not mean that the exterior of your car is now clean. In fact, rain does more harm to a dirty exterior, and if you go long times in between washes, the appearance will suffer greatly. It is crucial to get your car washed about once a week and the following three reasons on why you should get regular car washes will shed some light on the subject for you.

These reasons include:

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Daily Driving Tips for Safety While on the Road

When you are driving you should always follow a few safety tips. These safety tips can apply to any situation.

When you are driving, you never want to multi-task. When you are driving, you want your complete attention on the road and drivers around you. Looking away from the road for a split-second could prevent you from seeing something jump in front of you or the car ahead of you slamming on their brakes...

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Signs That Hint Towards a Vehicle’s Battery Change

The battery of your car is as essential as the fuel your car runs on. It is because all the electrical components in your car depend upon the battery for power supply. However, the battery of your vehicle comes with a stipulated lifetime, and it also depends on how often you use the car and other factors.

If your vehicle's battery is drying up, the headlights might get dimmer, and the car would take longer to start. There are many other problems you would start to face as the battery gets lower with every passing day in its terminal…

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