When It's Time to Get Your Alternator Checked

The alternator on your car is an important piece of equipment. Once your alternator stops working, your battery will quickly lose power. The alternator rejuvenates your battery, recycling the energy and keeping your battery at near full capacity.

When the lights on your car start to dim, or the dashboard doesn't light up properly, your alternator could be to blame. If you have had the battery checked and it is in good working order, the power problems are likely your alternator beginning to malfunction.

Before you continue to drive around with a vehicle that could break down at any moment, it's time to have your car looked at. Visit our service center at Devils Lake Chrysler Center if you notice problems with your car and any power issues that occur. We are happy to take a look at your car and fix any mechanical problems that are going on. Don't leave yourself stranded.

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