Periodic Brake Fluid Flush and Exchange Offers Peace of Mind

Whether you are doing street or highway driving in Devil’s Lake, you want the peace of mind that comes with knowing that stepping on the brake pedal will stop your car whenever necessary. At our Devil’s Lake Chrysler Center in Devil’s Lake, ND service department, we advise our customers to schedule a regular maintenance program to ensure great brake performance, and that includes a periodic brake fluid flush and exchange.

Brake fluid, also referred to as hydraulic fluid, is responsible for the proper movement of your car's braking system. This non-compressible substance is responsible for slowing and stopping your vehicle once you apply pressure to the brake pedal. Ask one of our service technicians for the best type of brake fluid compatible with your vehicle. Because brake fluid degrades over a period of time, flushing and exchanging the fluid every one to two years is recommended. Spongy brakes or delayed braking usually means the fluid needs changing.

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