Restoring Headlights the Smart Way

Headlights are important to safety and visibility, and nasty headlights reduce light and make your car look pretty awful. We want to keep the streets of Devils Lake, ND safe, so let us give you a few tips about restoring headlights.


Abrasive materials and products are a bad idea no matter what. They will scuff covers and destroy paint. Don’t be tempted to use comet or steel wool … it’ll end badly.


Toothpaste is a tried and mostly true trick, which will remove a lot of buildup and is pretty safe for most covers. However, it’s not always the best to get some of the nastier residue such as insects and really ground-in dirt off.

Insect Repellant

Insect repellant is stronger, but unlike toothpaste, it can damage a lot of paints and waxes, so use it conservatively and be sure you’re ok with potential needs to patch paint jobs.


At Devils Lake Chrysler Center, we’re happy to show you kits that’re safer and not at all difficult to do.

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