Feature-Rich Hands-Free iOS with Apple CarPlay

We tout the “hands free” technology movement as a symbol of convenience, but the real value of this comes from how much safer the roads are with no distractions while interacting with smartphones. Apple is one of the leading pioneers in mobile technology and they’re working with the best automotive companies to roll out CarPlay in most leading modern vehicles.

Truly Hands-Free

Freedom from distractions is the key with CarPlay, offering control buttons on the wheel face so no screen interaction is necessary. Hands at 10 and 2 folks!


Need to glance at the map, see weather or traffic reports or see caller ID in a hurry? The big, simple dash display lets you see what’s going on without really looking away from the road for more than a second at most.


This isn’t watered down iOS – take your favorite features and apps with you, including Siri’s read out loud and voice commands, digital radio, GPS and maps among all the other road-safe apps iOS has to offer.

To learn more about CarPlay and similar integrated mobile standards in Devils Lake, come see a live demo at Devils Lake Chrysler Center today.

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