Our team at Devils Lake Chrysler Center Inc wants to help Devils Lake, ND drivers stay safe as the winter weather sets in. Sliding is common when the roads are covered with ice, but if you don't know how to react when you start to slide, then it can be extremely dangers.

There are two types of slides that happen on ice, which include understeer and oversteer. Oversteer is more likely to happen with vehicles that have rear-wheel drive, but in the right driving conditions, it's also possible for front-wheel drive vehicles to experience oversteer.

Oversteer slides are more dangerous than understeer slides. If you start to slide, try and remain calm. Overcompensating and panicking can lead to an accident. Don't use the brakes. Although it may seem like instinct, braking is one of the most common mistakes made among drivers. It's also helpful if you try to turn into the slide, and are prepared for your vehicle to swing back in the opposite direction.

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