The Jeep Gladiator: A Truck That's More Than Capable

Jeep has expanded its offerings by coming out with the 2020 Gladiator. This truck is the only open-air pickup available, and it's a unique vehicle that we're proud to showcase at Devils Lake Chrysler Center in Devils Lake, ND.

As with many of our other Jeeps, the Gladiator can be configured in various ways. The doors can be taken off, the windshield can be lowered, and the top can be popped off if you really want the fresh air flowing. Inside, there are advanced elements such as smartphone integration, available leather-trimmed seats, and an available removable wireless speaker.

The truck has the components it needs to power its way through a variety of terrains. Each Gladiator comes with heavy-duty Dana 44 axles in both the front and back and the 4x4 system can be set to either high or low range. With best-in-class payload and towing, there's no question that the Gladiator can handle tough work.

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