Safe Adventures in the Jeep Renegade SUV

Rolling on a compact platform, the Jeep Renegade offers great off-road handling and electronic technology. Devils Lake Chrysler Center in Devils Lake, ND will you show the safety features that are available in the Upland, Sport, Altitude and other editions of this Trail Rated vehicle.

The Full-Speed Forward Collision Warning prevents you from crashing into another vehicle that's moving much slower. This technology sends loud alerts to the instrument panel when you get too close to another car. You'll also see flashing alerts in the instrument cluster when there's an elevated risk of an accident. The Active Braking function comes on after a short sequence of the warnings.

This Jeep SUV has advanced windshield wipers that detect raindrops or other sources of continuous moisture. The headlamps might also change from low to high settings if precipitation impacts the local visibility. Additionally, the Cornering Front Fog Lamps offer best-in-class illumination on a path with dense fog.

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